Remote teaching and learning resumes on Tuesday 5 October 2021. Year 12 students return to the College on Monday 18 October. Years 7 to 11 return to the College on Monday 25 October. We look forward to welcoming back our staff and students!

Our Community

Board of Directors

Our Community

Board of Directors

Our community is blessed by the generous service of our Board of Directors, who provide their time and expertise to support the good governance and leadership of the College.

As a company (limited by guarantee) our Board of Directors carry a significant responsibility in the following areas:

  • assuring the Catholic culture of the College
  • nourishing the connection between the College and the traditions of the Sisters of the Good Samaritan
  • governing the financial affairs of the College
  • providing vision and direction for the plant and facilities of the College
  • selecting and appointing the College Principal / CEO
  • reporting to the Australian Securities and Investments Commission as per regulations

We offer our thanks to the following community leaders:

Fatima Abbas

Renee Campbell

Nick Fitzgerald

Renata Garnero

Evelina Giusti

Kristen Green

Michael Jennett

Stacey Laurent

Paul Mourtos

Daniel Pretzler

Beth Riolo

Board Values

The work of our Board of Directors is framed by these eight values.