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Being a Good Samaritan


There are many times in our life when being a Good Samaritan challenges us. The term Samaritan originates from the Gospel parable so beautifully presented by Jesus in response to the question ‘Who is my neighbour?’ In this story Jesus tells us that every person we meet should be treated as neighbour and this is where humanity becomes a little unstuck. You see, for the vast majority of us, we can be a little selective about who we are neighbour to. While this is a perfectly normal human reaction, and one that we are all susceptible to, it is does not promote a caring or cohesive community, or indeed, a just and compassionate world.

We had such an instance at St Mary’s College this week, when we were challenged to reflect on who we are and how we treat our neighbour.In this case it was a member of staff who was the centre of unwelcome media attention that also focused on her place of employment. It was a very unfortunate story and one that left our community shaken. The easy path would have been one of distain and rejection. This would have been perfectly understandable and, by community standards perfectly acceptable.

However, St Mary’s College is a place of compassion, and to provide direction and wisdom in this area we use our story, the story of the Good Samaritan. Now we cannot change the events nor can we change the outcome, however, this doesn’t mean that we cannot offer a hand in support or that we stop caring for the individual.

It is times such as these that we are challenged to stand up for our beliefs and to ‘walk the talk’ of our story. We were a community of Good Samaritans this week who clearly demonstrated care and compassion for someone who needed our support. I could not have been more pleased with the response of our students, our staff and our parents for the way in which they coped with this situation. I also could not be prouder to be part of this wonderful community.

Have a great weekend.

Dr Frank Pitt


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