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It’s Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas


Bing Crosby, a well-known crooner in the ‘good old days’, had a series of hits with many popular Christmas albums. My parents were fans of Bing and, while I was too cool to acknowledge it, I didn’t mind him myself. One of my favourite songs of Bing’s was ‘It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas, a song that I loved as a child, and one that still makes me smile when I hear it played in shops.

Of course, this song describes a much different Christmas to the one that we experience today. Written in 1951 by Meredith Wilson, this song was written for people who had survived WW2 and were still suffering grief, loss and great hardship as they struggled to rebuild their lives. This is a far cry from the world that many of us experience today, a world of plenty, and one in which brighter, newer and better, are often the pre-requisites for successful gifts.

I sometimes wonder whether we are really living in better times when I reflect on the great sense of community that adversity provided, the ‘making do’ with what people could afford, and the great gift that the company of family and friends was during these times. I know that we can’t go back, however, we can take the best of those times. Things like the appreciation of gathering together over a meal where the gathering was more important than the food, the joy of giving rather than receiving, and the time spent talking, listening and enjoying each other’s company.

The first Christmas was a very simple affair with the birth of a baby being the gift. A baby who was sent to bring peace and love to all and to remind us of the essential messages of a good life – love of God and each other, compassion, faith in other people, and recognising and appreciating beauty in all its forms. The birth of the Christ child is the ‘reason for the season’ and it’s the purest message of hope and love we will ever receive.

For those who do like to enjoy a little of the commercial side of Christmas and, I admit to being part of that group, I have included a few of the best Christmas ads for 2019. I wish each of you a happy, holy, peace filled and joyful Christmas when it arrives, and a happy and successful New Year.

Best wishes

Dr Frank Pitt

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