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St Mary’s College hosted our annual College Open Day on Thursday, 8 March, with school tours and a parent information evening on offer for parents. While the Open Day is targeted at parents of Year 6 students considering the college as their secondary school of choice, we were delighted to have students from Year 5 and students who are currently enrolled in other secondary schools who were interested in joining our community.

We were delighted with the response and somewhat overwhelmed by the number of visitors that we had visit the college. We believe we had over 900 people visit and take tours throughout the day and approximately 450 attend our information evening.There were very excited girls and equally excited parents marvelling at the facilities, the quality of care that is evident and the poise and confidence of our student tour guides who hosted the various groups as they came through the college.

It was both exciting and gratifying for our students and staff to have people visit the college and to appreciate the quality of learning and pastoral care that takes place at St Mary’s. I had the opportunity to speak to many of the visitors and their main observation was not about the location or the facilities, it was the wonderful interactions they had with their student guides. Yet again St Mary’s girls emerge as our greatest ambassadors.

When speaking to parents about our girls, they mentioned their confidence, their knowledge and their obvious pride in their school. I can think of no higher compliment than to have it noted that our girls are proud of their school. I must admit to feeling great pride when I see our girls in action. They are obviously happy at school and they are not afraid to talk in positive ways about their experience of St Mary’s. Well done to all!

An obvious question is ‘what makes a good school?’ I have attached a couple of links to articles that outline the key characteristics of good schools. You will see many of these characteristics at our school.

Have a great weekend

Dr Frank Pitt


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