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Personal Project Launch


This week the College held our Personal Project launch for students in Year 9. For those not familiar with the IB, the Personal Project is the culmination activity of four years of study in the Middle Years Program.It provides students with the opportunity to explore, research and develop skills in a topic that they are interested in that is not directly related to their daily school work and that they might not otherwise attempt. While the purpose of the project is intended to consolidate a student’s learning, it has the potential to do so much more. Personal Projects allow students the opportunity to be as creative and as adventurous as they want in researching and pursuing areas of interest that go well beyond the classroom.


This week staff have been introduced to the Personal Project (PP), with almost 100 teachers and members of our admin staff gathering to hear about this new initiative and meeting with their student mentees. The girls gathered for their introduction to the PP where they were given their handbook, were introduced to the project concept and began thinking about possibilities for their project. They also met with their mentors and were able to begin to speak about the project and their hopes and aspirations for the coming nine months.

I am very excited about the possibilities that the projects bring for both students and staff. It is another opportunity for students and staff to get to know each other a little better, it provides huge opportunities for students to develop a passion or nurture an existing area of passion and it provides staff with the opportunity to work in areas that they may have had little exposure to. Having viewed exhibitions in other MYP schools I believe our students will produce amazing projects and I look forward to our display evening that will celebrate the creativity and hard work of our students. This will occur in June 2019 and so our girls have the time and opportunity to really think through what they would like to do and to gather the information, resources and support to produce projects in areas that they are passionate about.

I have attached some links to Personal Project Display Evenings that schools from different countries have held.

Have a great weekend.


Dr Pitt


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