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'For the Life of the World'


The students and staff have settled in very well as we begin a new school year. It is lovely to see our older girls looking after our students with many girls ‘adopting’ a Year 7 and making sure that they are settling in and are able to find their way around the college.

The beginning of a new school year is tiring and a little stressful for all students and one can only imagine how much more stressful and exhausting it is for a new student to the college. Yet I am only encountering happy and smiling faces as I wander around the college and the feedback our new girls are providing is all very positive. I dare say our new students will appreciate the weekend as they take some time to rest and revive after their first week at St Mary’s.

I was delighted to inform our staff this week that one of our most experienced Maths teachers has been recognised with a very prestigious mathematics award. The Mathematics Association of NSW (MANSW) has awarded the Bob Dengate Prize to Mrs Val Larkin for her work on Using Teachers’ Passion to Enthuse Students in working mathematically. Val has been a wonderful teacher, mentor and passionate mathematician over many years. She is currently working with staff and students to bring great life and energy to maths through our Working Mathematically project.We have fine teachers at St Mary’s and Val Larkin is a shining example of the commitment, dedication and hard work of our staff.

The college launched our theme for 2017 at our first assembly of the year on Tuesday 31 January. Our theme is ‘For the Life of the World’ and this year we will focus on how we can continue to make a positive difference in a fast changing world. An essential element of our mission and focus as a school is the Parable of the Good Samaritan. This year we will work towards building a better world by asking ourselves how we are acting as Good Samaritans in the small encounters that we have each and every day. In this way we hope to make a positive difference in our home, our school and in our community.

Enjoy a great weekend.



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