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The Benefits of a Positive Attitude


Over the last few weeks my wife and I have been living in chaos. Having said that it is self-imposed chaos. You see, we decided that our house needed some renovations, so we set about organising the installation of a new kitchen, we spoke to a flooring company about getting the floors replaced, and we have been in contact with bathroom renovators. The result is that we are living in our bedroom with very little access to the rest of the house. To have a shower we need to squeeze past the fridge and the dishwasher in the bathroom, we are eating on two stools in front of a heater and our kitchen is just beginning to become functional.

You may well think that we have been totally naive in not factoring in a degree of inconvenience around renovating or you may ask why we weren’t better prepared? These are both valid points, however, we thought we had prepared well. We just didn’t realise how much predictability and routine mattered to us in daily living. This has resulted in both of us wondering why we started any renovations and questioning whether our lives will ever be the same again. Are we being overly dramatic? Of course we are. The renovations will be finished next week but in the meantime we are struggling to remain positive about the whole business.


This brings me to the matter of positivity or being positive in the way we face challenges – even small ones. The literature is clear that having a positive attitude is good for both our mental health and our physical health. We are also much nicer to be around when we are positive. Having a positive attitude is often cited as one of the main factors in achieving success in our careers and in our relationships. One article I came across states that no one ever says that having a positive attitude causes problems. Yet it’s much easier to have a negative attitude and negativity always finds friends.


However, a positive attitude can change every aspect of our lives and it’s considered by experts to be the best predictor of success. Having said that, it is difficult to maintain a positive attitude all the time. Try renovating and see how you manage. You can, however, get into the habit of being positive, and the results are very encouraging. The benefits of having a positive attitude include:


  • Better Health: People who have positive attitudes are healthier. Those with a positive attitude generally live longer and better. They focus on taking care of themselves and stay involved in all sorts of activities. In short – they have a purpose. The key to quality of life is having variety and purpose, having a positive attitude makes people more inclined to seek out a better life.
  • A Better Attitude: Disappointment is a part of life, however, having a positive attitude, even when things don’t go as planned, generally provides better outcomes. With a poor attitude, every obstacle is seen as a threat, with a positive attitude they can be seen as opportunities for growth and development.
  • Improved Motivation: Nothing is more motivating than positive thoughts and expectations. Think about how you behave if you have a bad attitude and expect failure. Everything comes to a grinding halt. After all, why would you continue if you expected a negative outcome? A positive attitude ensures that progress continues.
  • Better Self Esteem: When you expect good things to happen, you can’t help but feel confident and good about yourself. Success is more likely to happen when you have faith in yourself. When you believe the best about yourself, you’ll take on bigger goals and accomplish more.
  • Better Outcomes: It’s often said that good things happen to good people. It would be more accurate to state that good things happen to those with good attitudes. You’ll attract better friends, more opportunities at work, and better outcomes generally when your attitude is positive. The results that come from a positive attitude are numerous and include better stamina, greater self-esteem, healthy motivation, and better perspective provided by a positive attitude.


So where does this leave me and our renovations? After some reflection, my wife and I have acknowledged that for us this is very much a first world problem. We have healthy kids, we have a good life and we will eventually have a very comfortable home. As far as bathroom renovations I think they will be a 2020 project.


Have a lovely weekend.


Dr Frank Pitt

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