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The College welcomed back over 200 ex-students on Saturday 25 August for the Annual Decades Reunion. This year we welcomed back graduates from decades ending in ‘8’, with students joining us who completed their education at St Mary’s in 1948, 1958, 1968, 1978, 1988, 1998 and 2008. We were also joined by our faithful older graduates who join us every year. These women completed their education pre-World War 2 and they have become faithful visitors to the College, sharing their wisdom and their experiences of school life in a much different time.

As well as tours of the College, a scrumptious morning tea and opportunities to mix with and meet current students, our archivist Mrs Liz Davis had set up a wonderful display reflecting life at the College in days gone by. Focusing on the relevant years, Liz was able to mount displays of photos, find College yearbooks and other memorabilia related to our ex-students time at the College. There were also wonderful displays of uniforms from the various decades, letters, class photos and a selection of dolls and teddy bears dressed in school uniform.

For me, the highlight of the day was the reunion of old friends, as we saw women catch-up with girls from their year and reminisce about what school life was like during their time at the College. They talked about favourite teachers, the mischief they got up to, their favourite parts of the College and the wonderful friends they made. The ex-students also spent a lot of time talking to our current students who acted as tour guides. They were interested in their experiences of life at the College in 2018 and the many opportunities they had at St Mary’s.

Amidst the laughter, and there was certainly a lot of laughter, the excitement, the odd tear and the reminiscing, there was a strong sense of connection with the College. The ex-students continue to speak highly of their years at St Mary’s. They have fond memories of the Good Sam Sisters who taught them; of the young lay teachers who arrived to work with the Sisters, and of the great sense of community that has been a mark of this wonderful school. It was a great day and a fantastic opportunity for the College community to again remember our history. I would recommend a visit to the College Facebook page where you will find photos and video of the reunion and you will gain a sense of the excitement of our more mature girls returning to their school.

Have a wonderful week.


Dr Frank Pitt


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