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What a Week!


I am writing this short reflection at the end of a very busy week as we have hosted 200 little girls who had their first real experience of St Mary’s on Wednesday. The girls are Year 6 students who have enrolled at St Mary’s for 2019 and they were visiting the College for their Orientation Day. While, for most part they are excited, they are also a little nervous, and they are very much looking forward to starting at their new school next year. We are privileged, as staff members to travel this journey with new students every year. The excitement they feel and the joy of learning they exhibit is what keeps teachers motivated and passionate about their work.


An important part of welcoming our new Year 7 girls is their introduction to the College community. We did this at a College assembly, where the girls were asked to stand up and look around the hall to gain a sense of just how big a school we are. It was beautiful to watch the little girls eyes widen as they recognised that they were one of over 1100 girls who will make up our community in 2019.The sound of applause from our current students, in welcoming the new Year 7 girls, was amazing and was certainly a high point for me during a fantastic day.

While welcoming new students, we were also saying goodbye to our 2018 Year 12 students who have now finished the HSC and are returning to drop off textbooks and catch up with their teachers. In some ways our graduating students are experiencing the same emotions as our little girls who were spending a day at their new school. They are excited about what the future holds yet a little nervous about new beginnings. It seems only yesterday that we were greeting our graduating class on their first day at the College, and while they have grown and developed, they are still the lovely girls that we met six years ago.

St Mary’s College continues to develop.We grow and change in different ways yet, in many ways, our girls are still the same. They are young women who want to make a difference in our community and in the world. They are people of faith, faith in a loving God, in the basic goodness of people, and in themselves to strive for and ultimately build a better world. Our school motto is “I am Born for Higher Things.” This is a tall order by any standard, yet our girls continue to rise to the challenge, “to be the change they want to see in the world.”

Have a great weekend

Dr Pitt


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