Remote teaching and learning resumes on Tuesday 5 October 2021. Year 12 students return to the College on Monday 18 October. Years 7 to 11 return to the College on Monday 25 October. We look forward to welcoming back our staff and students!

College Life


College Life

Students take up the invitation to transform our world in their varied responses to injustices in the world. Our community is focussed on faith and good works and the students willingly initiate and involve themselves with issues of justice at a local, national and international level.

Within the College there are many ways of being community; in tutor groups, house groups, classes and year groups. Alongside these are communities in which students choose to take up membership. Clubs offer students other ways to involve themselves and to belong while working to make a difference ranging from Amnesty International through to Zonta.

Clubs and Committees are an integral part of the development of awareness of Social Justice Issues and inspiring students to realise that every action, no matter how small, can make a difference. The ultimate goal of working together culminates on Good Samaritan Day where Clubs can showcase their projects and promote awareness of Social Justice Issues. The Clubs also allow students to engage in democratic election processes, working with younger students and participating in leadership roles that are mentored and supported.