Remote teaching and learning resumes on Tuesday 5 October 2021. Year 12 students return to the College on Monday 18 October. Years 7 to 11 return to the College on Monday 25 October. We look forward to welcoming back our staff and students!

Learning and Caring

Digital Learning

Students and Parents are able to log in to the SEQTA Portal
from our College webpage.

Learning & Caring

Students and Parents are able to log in to the SEQTA Portal from our College webpage. Through this system you are able view information regarding your daughter’s education including:

  • Coursework
  • Upcoming assessments
  • Completed assessment grades and feedback for summative tasks
  • Current and past academic reports
  • Homework
  • School Notices
  • Assessment and School Calendars
  • Key school documents

Teachers and students at St Mary's College are increasingly utilising video within lessons and as parts of learning projects. To meet this need, teachers and students utilise ClickView and Youtube.

Learning Technology

Technology devices, used in integrated and meaningful ways, are a most powerful tool for enhancing learning. Research at St Mary’s and elsewhere has shown that universal device access achieves the two outcomes of higher academic engagement and deeper learning. St Mary’s will continue to invest in leading edge academic and communications technologies to be faithful to our mission of providing an holistic and contemporary education for girls,characterised by Benedictine values.

St Mary Star of the Sea College has many programs and facilities to enhance curriculum use of technology.




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