Our Community

Parents & Friends

Our Community

Parents & Friends

One of the best things about St Mary Star of the Sea College is the nurturing of community spirit. Part of this nurturing is a strong relationship between the College and the Parents and Friends Association (P&F) who in turn support the College so that the girls can get the best educational experience possible.

The P&F is led by a President, supported by two Vice Presidents, a Secretary and a Treasurer. These positions make up the Executive who meet every term prior to a general meeting. General meetings are held once a term and this is where parents can attend and take a proactive role in their daughter’s education. The meetings provide an opportunity to get to know College staff, share information, ask questions, allocate funds and initiate activities to benefit the girls. Since the introduction of the P&F levy, there is no need for general fundraising by the P&F. In fact, the major role of the P&F is to allocate the expenditure of these funds.

Other functions of the P&F are organising social events such as the Year 7 Welcome Meet and Greet, the Formal Fashion Parade and Expo, the Year 12 Graduation lunch, and others. The P&F also have a Pastoral Care program whereby parents are asked to purchase a meal that can be frozen which is then donated to school families in times of crisis.

The P&F have a positive impact on the College and the effort required is minimal. All parents are encouraged to participate and be a proactive member of your daughter’s school community.

2022 P&F Executive

President: Mariam Sawan

Treasurer: Susan Deverson

Secretary: Sarah O’Donnell

Vice President (Pastoral Care) Wendy Maccioni

Vice President (Events) Luci Robson

Mary star of the Sea Statue

Mary Star of the Sea Statue

EXCITING NEWS | We are thrilled to announce that our new Mary Star of the Sea statue has been installed at the front entrance of the College.

Thank-you to our Parents and Friends Committee for their generous financial support which enabled the superb art piece.

The statue is a special way to celebrate the College’s 150-year milestone of empowering young women in education. It is a wonderful legacy piece that will inspire and welcome generations of students to come. We invite our community to come and admire the new statue and feel the sense of pride and connection it brings to the College.

We would also like to acknowledge the talented Australian sculptor Linda Klarfeld for creating such a beautiful and meaningful statue. Her artistic vision and skill have brought it to life and we are grateful for her contribution to the community. The statue is made of durable and stunning granite, which adds to its timeless beauty and significance.

We are proud to have such a magnificent work of art as part of the College's heritage.