The College is now closed for the school holidays. Remote teaching and learning will resume on Tuesday 5 October 2021 until further notice. More information will be updated as required.

College Life


The Sport Program at St Mary’s College has been developed to meet the needs of the College community.

College Life

The College offers a large range of sporting and recreational activities to the students and through sport, the College develops positive attitudes, sporting skills and encourages students to adopt active lifestyles which involve regular participation in sporting and recreational activities.

The College program aims to provide enjoyment and fitness through worthwhile experiences, develop basic game and social skills to improve the self esteem and confidence of individual students.

Quick Facts


2019 Wollongong Diocese Vince Villa Award


in the 2019 Diocesan Netball Carnival for our Intermediate netball team


place at the CCC Basketball Championships 2019


in the Cross Country Diocesan Carnival 2019


in the Diocesan Swim Carnival 2019


place in CCC Hockey Championships 2019


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Year 9-10 Recreational Sport Program

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