Remote teaching and learning resumes on Tuesday 5 October 2021. Year 12 students return to the College on Monday 18 October. Years 7 to 11 return to the College on Monday 25 October. We look forward to welcoming back our staff and students!

Learning and Caring

Positive Education

At St Mary’s behaviour expectations are founded
on our Benedictine values.

Learning & Caring

Respect, Responsibilities and Behaviour

At St Mary’s behaviour expectations are founded on our Benedictine values. We will endeavour to teach explicit positive behaviours in all educational contexts. Our expectations are based on mutual respect and the recognition that all have a right to a safe and stable environment in which to learn. All Students are responsible for their learning and their behaviour. As a Catholic community, we believe we should build positive relationships and be reconciliatory in nature.

Acknowledgement and Merits

Our College encourages positive student behaviours that facilitate learning and minimise disruption. The College achieves this by providing opportunities for students to practise and succeed in making responsible choices about their behaviour. College staff recognise that maintaining positive student behaviour involves a continuum of acknowledgements and interventions. The College aims to acknowledge and celebrate positive student behaviour, achievements, initiatives and striving to reach one’s potential.

Protection and Respect

St Mary’s College does not tolerate bullying/harassment in any form. All members of the College community are committed to ensuring a safe and caring environment, which promotes personal growth and positive self-acceptance for all.

Bullying/harassment, in any form, is not acceptable behaviour and will not be tolerated because it infringes the personal rights of others.

If any member of the community experiences harm due to bullying/harassment, they are encouraged to speak to an appropriate person for support. Under no circumstances is it advised to tolerate bullying/harassment, especially out of fear of the matter getting worse. It is unlikely that bullying/harassment will simply “go away”. There is little chance that bullying/harassment can be dealt with if names are not given to the appropriate persons (e.g. Tutor Group /Class teacher, House Coordinator, Counsellor). At all times, these matters are dealt with in a confidential manner and reassurance is provided to those involved.