The College is now closed for the school holidays. Remote teaching and learning will resume on Tuesday 5 October 2021 until further notice. More information will be updated as required.

Learning and Caring

Extra Curricular

There are many opportunities in a wide range of extra curricular
activities to be involved and to belong!

Learning & Caring

There are many opportunities in a wide range of extra curricular activities to be involved and to belong! Whatever your passion, there is sure to be something for you.

The College offers many opportunities for your daughter to be involved in a variety of activities which can enrich and stimulate her, enhance her skills and broaden her horizons. New friendships can be made where she can share similar interests and also have lots of fun.

The College is renowned for the many clubs, committees and variety of activities in which your daughter could be a part of such as choir, orchestra, Amnesty International, St Vincent de Paul, debating, public speaking, Shakespeare Festival, Tournament of Minds, Future Problem Solving, Art Club and Mathematics Challenge and a myriad of sporting opportunities. There is much more!

Why not book a tour and come and talk to staff and students about the many opportunities open to your daughter?

Creative and Performing Arts

Academic Enrichment

UOW Learning Labs


"I attended the Master Your Mind Learning Labs Workshop during the July holidays. The workshop was held over two days at the University of Wollongong.

During the workshop I learnt about the parts of the brain, how the mind works and the World Remembering Championships where people with remarkable minds compete. I also learnt about the techniques and the training that the competitors used to develop their memory skills. It was very fascinating and really enjoyable as we got to try some practical examples of training our own minds to remember a whole deck of cards, a shopping list and the order of what we learned on that day.

I can say, I thoroughly loved the workshop and loved experiencing the “UOW” culture for two days. I definitely would recommend attending one of these workshops to anyone! I also would like to thank St Mary's for sponsoring me to attend this fabulous learning experience."

Antonia Kairis, Year7