Learning and Wellbeing


Learning & Wellbeing
The illiterate of the 21st Century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn, and relearn.

Alvin Toffle

" In the minds of teens"

Student Leaders

Have a look at the wonderful resource for parents and students In The Mind of Teens

We are so proud of our leaders composing this resource and taking the initiative to empower other young women to use their voice and experience to shape a more positive, informed, kinder, and empathetic world.

St Mary Star of the Sea College is committed to providing a vibrant and transformational learning environment where students want to learn and can naturally discover their individual talents and true passions.

Our students want an education that meets their individual needs, and opportunities that connect them to what is happening around the globe. Our challenge is to provide them with knowledge, skills and values to successfully navigate a rapidly changing world, developing them as life-long learners and active global citizens of tomorrow.

Our vision is to ensure learning is personalised and relevant to each student, and is built on quality relationships which allows students the freedom and security to grow and flourish.

We do this by providing young women with a holistic education which is engaging and challenging, requiring our students to be creative, innovative, enterprising and adaptable, with the motivation, confidence and skills to use critical and creative thinking purposefully.

Teachers are dedicated to providing educational experiences that encourage student attributes such as curiosity, flexibility and resilience as well as promoting student agency, flexibility, and choice that are the core of new learning models.

At Mary's technology enhanced learning, design thinking and a student centred inquiry based approach develops a student’s ability to communicate and work collaboratively, aims to transform them from consumers to producers of knowledge and other forms of creative expression.

Catering for the unique learning needs of your daughter

At the College we endeavour to cater to the unique learning needs of our students. We recognise that students who consistently working beyond the outcomes for their stage have particular intellectual, social and emotional needs.

The College works to meet these needs and to promote the achievements of these students.

Some of the possibilities offered within the College to encourage gifted and talented students to reach their potential are:

  • Extension courses in Years 11 and 12
  • A differentiated curriculum offering challenges with a greater degree of complexity and higher order thinking
  • Leadership opportunities
  • A variety of extra-curricular activities such as: choir, orchestra, Amnesty International, St Vincent de Paul, debating, public speaking, Shakespeare Festival, Tournament of Minds, Future Problem Solving, Art Club and Mathematics Challenge.

Special Education Needs

The curriculum at the College provides for equitable access, inclusion, participation and positive outcomes for all students. We anticipate, for most students with special education needs, that they will participate fully in achieving within the regular curriculum but may require additional support.

This support will be determined by the individual needs of each student in collaboration with class teachers. Learning support includes:

  • Literacy support
  • Numeracy support
  • Adjustments to teaching practices, content, assessment and reporting
  • Life Skills programs
  • Teachers Aides (Learning Support Staff)