Our College

Annual Reports and Policies

We are pleased to provide for our community an annual account of the College in a range of areas including educational results, teacher training and financial responsibility. School reporting is mandated by NSW Education Act, and detailed in the Registered and Accredited Individual Non‐government Schools (NSW) Manual (Section 3.10)

This report forms an important part of our relationship with our community.

2018 Annual Report (4543 KB)

2017 Annual Report (3403 KB)

2016 Annual Report (6104 KB)

2015 Annual Report (646 KB)

Student Welfare Policy (241 KB)

Privacy Policy (224 KB)

Pastoral Care Policy 2018 (231 KB)

Enrolment Policy (183 KB)

Complaints and Grievance Policy (198 KB)

Bullying and Harassment Policy (209 KB)

Child Protection Policy (278 KB)

School Fee Management Policy (324 KB)